About Us

Before you get, what you came for… The following words are from “About us” page itself:

About Us Page: “Oh My!!!! I have a visitor… You might be pretty keen in Groovy Bucket, Huh. To be honest, I am here all by myself
and gets a few visitors 🙁 .. I hope you’ll find something interesting in here :D” (About Us page snoozes….)


Like thousands of employees working in 9-5 job, we were also some of those! Living our lives just for the weekends and repeating the same boring job all week long. We knew our time was up when the craziness of pop-culture surpassed the sophistication that was essential in a corporate environment…. And we claimed, THIS IS IT…..To sum it up, we are a bunch of enthusiasts, following our passion and living our lives now doing something that we LOVE..


Just like a HOME, where every basic commodity is under one roof, our aim is to have every cool product under Groovy Bucket.
We aim that each individual should consider Groovy Bucket as its HOME for cool/pop-culture merchandise.
Also, we don’t want just a bunch of CUSTOMERS, we want a FAMILY. And, our team will try to serve you, in the best possible way we can.

TOGETHER (in the voice of Captain America :P)…


The word Groovy means: Fashionable and exciting. Also, you might be aware of the concept called as “Bucket List”…. Where we note down random goals under one spot.

So, the central idea is to host a collection of stuff that you desire (THE BUCKET).. and it should be of course, Fashionable and Exciting (GROOVY). That was something that gave birth to “GROOVY BUCKET”.


We’re available on Instagram (link here), Facebook (link here), Twitter (link here) and Snapchat (link here). Also, you can e-mail us at groovybucket@gmail.com for any queries, doubts, suggestions, feedback etc. Just a ‘HOWDY’ message will be appreciated… Don’t be a stranger.. Come say HI to us.

(About Us page wakes up.. just like a bot that has something to say)…

About Us Page: “Got to go… That’s too much of GYAAN for me. BUBYE.. See You Again :)”.